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Our Food, Your Way

If you have special dietary needs, you know that eating at a restaurant can be challenging.  At Cedars, we believe that eating out can still be healthy! We take pride in providing great-tasting food that makes it easier to stick to your special meal plan. That’s why we developed our menu with the flexibility and transparency that you need to customize your choices.  Compared to other restaurants, most of our dishes are lower in sodium and higher in fiber; and we’ve worked hard to maintain a balance of the macronutrients you need.

For complete nutrition information on any menu item - the way you want it - check out our Nutritional Calculator.  It allows you to customize your selections and get instant nutritional information. Or use your cell phone to receive the nutritional content of any of our menu items right in the restaurant. Simply text the codes on the menu board to 95495.

We’ve taken the time to select delicious menu items that fit your needs.