Cedars Woodfire Grill® has been created from the belief that great tasting food can be healthy food.  Our first restaurant opened in January 2011, but the concept has been alive in the hearts and minds of co-founders Randy Gier and Laurie Curtis for many years.  With nearly 50 years of combined food and beverage experience in over 100 countries around the globe, Randy and Laurie knew there was a better way.

Randy and his wife Nancy are typical baby boomers, growing up on a steady diet of fast food.  As they neared the half century mark they were increasingly aware of the need to adjust their diet and lifestyle.  Like many others, they found their restaurant options limited.  Deli meat on a six inch bun left them cold.  And their frequent desire for a big juicy burger had them craving great food that's Hot, Healthy, Fast and Fresh.

Laurie and her husband Clay are raising a young family, and want to instill healthy eating habits into their children.  As a busy, working Mom,  Laurie doesn't have the time, or the patience to get into a debate over meal choices.  She just wants a place where her kids are happy – and healthy.  Where she can get in, and out, and on with her day.

Enlisting the genius of Chef Scott Randolph and his culinary team, Cedars has created a menu of fresh, fired food that takes taste to a new place.  Using simple cooking techniques and all natural, all fresh ingredients, you'll soon find a whole new way to eat.

Architect Bobby Romano and the design staff at Hillebrand Cory have created an atmosphere that is warm and casual.  The comfort of a backyard cook out, where you can come and go at your speed.  Whether you're on the way to a show, needing something to go, or have the time to visit, we want you to feel at home in our backyard.